Real-Time Projects with 100% Hands-On Training, Assured Internships, Multiple Globally Recognized Certifications

We at Cubiccode have training programs for all. From college going students to someone of 60 years age, we know that the people today want to shift to the tech and digital field and want to develop digital products, either to get a job, freelance, to develop for their own businesses or serve clients.
We have created our training programs carefully to make them suitable for all.
Some of our training programs are created only for the students who are coming from non technical background and some for the ones with IT background.

All our training programs feature 100% Hands-On training with Real Time Projects. We let our students do several small & Big projects during the training program. We help you acquire the highest level of certification from experts like Google and Facebook. We also provide students with 100% assured internships in recognized companies in their respective domains.

Our Popular Training Programs

Guaranteed Best syllabus for every student requirement! Things that are important for a Fresher may not be important for a student with 5 years experience. We mould our training programs based on the student’s requirement and stress more on the areas which are important for them.

Training Internships and Bootcamp

If you are a college student or a professional looking for a short term course to get hands-on experience, then training internship and bootcamp is for you! A short term course packed up with only important modules, fewer projects, hands on training to clear your concepts and build your portfolio in a short period of time. We have training internships and bootcamps for various subjects such as internet of things, data science, digital marketing, web development and project management. These short term courses are usually of 4-8weeks in duration.

Advance Full Stack Development (MERN Stack)

Become a Full Stack Developer and learn how to build CRUD web applications such as Flipkart, Swiggy, Quora, IMDB, and lots more. Learn from scratch from basic to advanced level. HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Javascript, JS ES6, React JS, Node.js, MongoDB. Additional topics such as DSA, GIT, GITHUB, Stackoverflow, Web Hosting and more. Best-in-class content by leading faculty and industry leaders who have experience in developing applications for hundreds of clients.

Advance Diploma in Digital Marketing

Learn more than 30 latest topics. Learn DM from scratch from basic to advanced level. Creating a Brand's Identity, Website Hosting, Website development, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Terminologies, PPC Campaign Methodology & CRO, Google Mobile Advertising/ App Ads, Youtube Ads/ Video Advertising, Social Media Optimization(SMO), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Remarketing, Email Marketing, Planning and Strategy, Pricing To Customers, Interview Preparations & Case Studies and many more such topics.

82% of our students have been referred by our alumni!

End-to-end Course training including an in-depth study in Belgaum for the first time. We provide you with the right set of knowledge through our training course. We ensure that the environment in our classes is student friendly. We bridge the gap between theoretical and practical skills to make you an expert with our training.

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