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The best solution for both lead generation and branding is nothing but the proper utilisation of SEO techniques. Cubiccode is the top SEO company in Belgaum that offers the best Search Engine Optimization techniques that are developed by our dedicated SEO experts that ensure maximum leads organically for your business.

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Our expert SEO team members undertake hundreds of processes on each keyword, meticulously performing promotions and link building to reach top rankings!

SEO Consultation

As Belgaum's leading SEO professionals, Cubiccode's SEO consultants guide you in achieving prominent search engine results positions. Our SEO consulting team are experienced SEO specialists trained to gain in-depth understanding of the business model, your business objectives, and challenges. Competitor dynamics, and their activity is of particular interest while drawing up strategies to win over competition and tap into their market share in every SEO consultancy project. Aligning ourselves to your perspective is the key to fully comprehend your objectives, apply our insights learned from experience and devise strategies to climb up the SERP ladder. We advise you on the various options and course of correct action in attaining objectives. Cubiccode's SEO consultants not only provide direction, but we also work with you, draw a roadmap to success, guide implement the plan, and ensure successful outcomes.

Website Audit

We at Cubiccode, commence technical SEO services with a comprehensive website audit to understand how well web pages are structured, optimized and are discoverable by search bots among other factors. Multiple web page attributes are studied, and improved in the course of the assignment such as: page loading speed, crawler behaviour, tags, search console integration, page accessibility, SSL security, multiple device compatibility and ease of navigation. In every SEO assignment implemented at Cubiccode, website audit is an integral part of the project and may be conducted multiple times before and during the SEO lifecycle of the client. The cross-functional team of experienced SEO professionals, combined with our customer driven approach to services, has made Cubiccode a trusted SEO service partner to scores of organizations far and wide accross the nation.

Local SEO

Local SEO brings customers from your city searching for you, your service and in your city. We fully manage your local SEO. Our capabilities cover all aspects of SEO that will make you prominent in local search rankings,from identifying popular keywords to interpreting competitor activities and ways to climb over and above the reigning occupant. Our approach to each project is defined by its business domain, target customer profile and intensity of competition, helping us devise custom strategies around client business. Our expert SEO team members undertake hundreds of processes on each keyword, meticulously performing promotions and link building to reach top rankings, some of the steps are listed below for you: keyword research, local SEO optimization, Google business profile setup, Meta tag optimization, Citation management, Active citation management, Review management, keyword performance, Monitor primary & secondary keywords performance, Keyword research, Competitor analysis and all related On page optimization and Off page optimization techniques.

Technical SEO

Configuring web pages for efficient search engine crawling, indexing, and ultimately ranking defines the term technical SEO. Technical SEO services involve optimizing the various page elements, metadata writing, HTTP header responses, XML sitemaps, and page redirects are a few of the steps among hundreds of steps undertaken in a technical SEO assignment. Technical SEO services are undertaken on completion of page design, code, keyword research, and after backlink building strategies are established. Technical SEO ensures web pages are structured to serve human users as well as search engine spiders and technical SEO work also includes: Identifying and eliminating duplicate content, Running crawl reports, Auditing preferred domain, Metadata optimization, HTTPS status code, Fixing broken links, XML sitemaps create and submit, Implement Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), Optimizing site speed, keyword research, website audit, site performance, Robots.txt,incorporation, Responsive optimization of all pages, Page redirect audit.

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Our Process to Rank you #1 On GOOGLE

Our SEO Expert will help you achieve multiple objectives such as

1. Drive rankings to page 1 from the current page, 2, 3 or beyond

2. Acquire more traffic through competitive keywords

3. Optimize mobile and desktop ranking

4. Improve page load time and boost ranking

5. Implement schema, JSON-LD, and microdata markup

6. Identify & implement lucrative keywords such as “keyword near me"

7. Tap into local traffic from Google Business Profile

8. Take advantage of Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

9. Put in place sitelinks and callout extensions

10. Acquire authority and first position through snippets


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Make your vision and ideas reality with our top team of creative minds. Your custom website design will be attractive, user-friendly and deliver strong results with a great user experience for your customers. We build targeted solutions that actually work, creating powerful user experiences that drive traffic, generate leads and ultimately increase sales for your business.

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